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Organic date types

Medjool or (Mejhool) (Arabic: 'unknown') from Morocco, also grown in the USA, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine and Namibia. A large, sweet and succulent date.

Rotab — from Iran, they are dark and soft

Khalasah (Arabic: 'quintessence') — one of the most famous palm cultivars in Saudi Arabia, famous for its sweetness level that is not high nor low, thus, suits most people. Its fruit is called 'Khlas'. Its famous place is 'Huffuf' (Al-Ahsa) and 'Qatif' in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia (Al-Sharqheyah).

barhiBarhee or (barhi) (from Arabic barh, a hot wind) — these are nearly spherical, light amber to dark brown when ripe; soft, with thick flesh and rich flavour. One of the few varieties that are good in the khalal stage when they are yellow (like a fresh grape as opposed to dry, like a raisin).

Zahidi (Arabic: '[Of the] ascetic') — these medium size, cylindrical, light golden-brown semi-dry dates are very sugary, and sold as soft, medium-hard and hard.

deglat nourDeglet Noor (Arabic: 'date of light') — so named because the centre appears light or golden when held up to the sun. This is a leading date in Libya, Algeria, the USA, and Tunisia, and in the latter country it is grown in inland oases and is the chief export cultivar. It is semi-dry and not very sweet.

Khadrawy (Arabic: 'green') — a cultivar favoured by many Arabs, it is a soft, very dark date.

Sekkeri — (lit. sugary) Dark brown skin; distinctly sweet and soft flesh, from Saudi Arabia, it is the most expensive kind.

This Date is almost round, very soft and delicate. A fantastic taste

Black, Chewy, and Toffee-like taste.

 this is a new date type